Marla Bluestone is the fiction author who shares body, children, address, etc. with Marlene Bluestone Suliteanu. Call it a pen name, but it’s actually an alter ego.

Marla embraces the wide world of readers who envision what current sociopolitical trends and climate change hold in store for human civilization. All her novels fit neatly into a sub-genre of science fiction called futuristic fiction. Follow her into any of many possible futures… which do not need to include brutality or even much technology.

All Marlene Bluestone Suliteanu’s nonfiction relates to her professional identity. She published in occupational therapy publications, texts focused on autism, and in Adoption Today and its sister journal for foster families. When Marlene became certified as a HANDLE Practitioner and Instructor, she wrote about how HANDLE principles and practices can support anyone who experiences life as a challenge.

The acronym stands for the Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency. In 2014 Marlene published It All Depends on How You Look at Things, a biography of her sister, Judith Bluestone, who created HANDLE. That book necessarily doubles as a memoir because it traces Judith’s life through Marlene’s memories.

Marla applies the commandment to writers – write what you know – in all her novels. Expect to find characters’ behaviors and personalities influenced by childhood experiences and the environment, and notice how physical realities affect psychological and intellectual function. That’s core HANDLE. But each of Marla’s characters deals with his and her own circumstances – which are similar to but never the same as ours.

Marla Bluestone

Let ocean ions work their magic.

Walk the longest pier on the Pacific Coast.

Be all you can be. Live the dream!

Marla Bluestone

All Lives Matter!

Rescue a pet… like my “grandbaby” kittens.

(8 weeks old, here)

Marla Bluestone

Enjoy the “kids” at any age!