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Marla Bluestone
Meet Marla Bluestone
aka Marlene Bluestone Suliteanu


Life that stands still stagnates… so Marla/Marlene moved home to the San Francisco Peninsula from Oceanside, California in April of 2022. “Home” is metaphorically a community that matches the heart-mind, not defined by details like where Marlene was born (Chicago), graduated high school (Cleveland suburb), or even lived the longest. She graduated from Ohio State University’s occupational therapy program; first job and wedding in Chicago; her two children were born in Cleveland; she lived in the Bay Area for about twenty years; post-grad training in Seattle after OT roles with people who dealt with all that life dishes out, including age itself.


Fiction author Marla Bluestone emerged as an intact identity when Marlene retired from occupational therapy and her neurodevelopmental focus. The latter warrants elaboration. Marlene’s younger sister, Judith Bluestone, created the Holistic Approach to NeuroDevelopment and Learning Efficiency from her life of complex neurophysiological challenges plus wide-ranging study of how humans interact with our environment. Marlene became a HANDLE practitioner and instructor in 2001. []  

In Marla’s novels, childhood experiences and environmental realities affect characters’ behaviors and personalities. That’s core HANDLE. In Make Them Hear Tears, childhood’s echo in adults’ lives creates personal and political conflict. Parent-less people in After the Great Fire adapt to rural America after global competition for natural resources. Xenobreeds takes place on a colony that molds its residents, starting with their own bodies. Which brings us to Cottontail. On an odd planet where a mountain divides rainforest and desert, humans plop into an eons-long antagonism between two sentient species that can’t communicate, now to include the third species. Interpersonal, societal, and global relationships depend on communication that is breaking down everywhere. In Cottontail violence crushes characters. We’re at risk of that in the here and now.

Marla Bluestone

Let ocean ions work their magic.

Walk the longest pier on the Pacific Coast.

Be all you can be. Live the dream!

Marla Bluestone

All Lives Matter!

Rescue a pet… like my “grandbaby” kittens.

(8 weeks old, here)

Marla Bluestone

Enjoy the “kids” at any age!

Age two and a half!

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